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Love travel pray! Joanne


Romewise VIP Series (YouTube) 12 February 2019

Interview by Elyssa Bernard for Romewise. Find out what it's like to marry one of the Pope's guards, and live inside the Vatican.


VOGUE Australia, December 2018

Leap of faith. Interview by Jane Albert.

An Australian living in the Vatican reveals her #blessedlife inside the Papal city. Joanne Bergamin is the first to admit she was always the naughty kid when it came to studying religion at school, so it surprised her as much as anyone that religion would lead her to marrying a Swiss Guard and becoming the first Australian to live inside Vatican City in Rome.


La Vie, 10 January 2017

Les Femmes du Vatican. Interview by Bénédicte Lutaud.

Ex-employée de L’Osservatore Romano, ancienne secrétaire du commandant de la Garde suisse pontificale, Joanne Bergamin a épousé le caporal qui la saluait chaque matin porte Sainte-Anne. L’Australienne vit désormais dans la caserne des soldats du pape, avec ses privilèges et ses contraintes. Sur l'application de photos Instagram, elle emprunte le pseudonyme « swissguardwife » (« épouse de garde suisse »), et partage son quotidien. Blonde platine à la taille de guêpe, elle fait son jogging de bon matin dans les Jardins pontificaux déserts, examine sa manucure, applaudit un concert nocturne de la fanfare des hallebardiers, ou teste les tapis de course de la caserne.


Marie Claire, (US Edition) December 2016

I Gave Up My Freedom for Love. Interview by Abby Haglage.

Why would a nonreligious PR maven and fashion lover from Australia choose to live behind the walls of Vatican City, where she has to make a home in communal barracks - and even follow a dress code? Joanne Bergamin shares her very old-fashioned love story with Abby Haglage.

Photo: Katarzyna Artymiak

Photo: Katarzyna Artymiak

The Catholic Leader, 15 January 2015

Aussie girl marries her Swiss Guard soulmate. Interview by Emilie Ng.

IF marrying a Swiss Guard is your preference, take advice from Australian Catholic woman Joanne Bergamin. The Vatican Papal Blessings staff member married Swiss Guard Corporal Dominic Bergamin on November 1 last year, All Saints’ Day, after a whirlwind romance inside the Vatican walls. The newlyweds shared their story at Faith on Tap at the Pineapple Hotel in Brisbane on January 12.